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To Sell Shoes To All Of You With No
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Post To Sell Shoes To All Of You With No 
“VFFs are so popular we actually have an entire corner of our store dedicated to You must be registered to view this link them. Incredible. If I had to give my best estimate as to “who” is buying them, I’d say a third are athletes (majority runners, but some lifters), a third are people who don’t like wearing shoes, and a third just want them because You must be registered to view this link of the fad. We had tons of military guys buying them until recently – I heard the military banned them from use in PT tests. So now they usually get Newtons.”I also asked Eric about his experience, if any, with customers getting injured in Vibram Fivefingers:“I’ve only seen one guy with You must be registered to view this link a metatarsal stress fracture and he was a guy whose soft tissue adapted quickly so he proceeded to log high mileage on hard surfaces pretty quickly (40+ mpw in Vibrams, 40+ in Newtons simultaneously).
Now the question is how many people are buying VFF’s, having pain, and giving up? Hard to say. Probably a lot – most You must be registered to view this link people have no patience. I get virtually zero returns on them other than an occasional defect though (as opposed to all my other shoes, which do come back a lot). And I do get stories from people who overcame debilitating injuries using You must be registered to view this link VFFs.We’ve all heard about the big increases in metatarsal stress fractures and calf/PF/Achilles issues at PT offices, but it makes you wonder also how many people with patellar tendinitis, joint pain, ITBS, etc. that had been through the rigmarole with those same practitioners are now successfully running due to minimalist shoes or barefoot style running technique changes.”
Interesting stuff from an industry in flux, and from a guy at the front lines of fitting runners to shoes. It will be might interesting to see if this trend continues, but I highly doubt that minimalism will go the way of toning shoes.“This year, Asics also added the Plus 3 feature to some of its best shoes. The Plus 3 feature is an additional 3 millimeters of height on the models designed for female runners. Take note that the added height only applied to the You must be registered to view this link women’s shoes. This is one of the special considerations that Asics makes especially for women. The aim of the added height is to ease the tension felt by the achilles. The bestselling Asics running shoes all came out with added height this year. This includes the Asics Gel Kayano 16 and the Asics Gel Nimbus 12.”I have a question for all you minimalist running shoe fans.  What is your definition of a “minimalist” running shoe?  In other words, in looking here through Pete’s RunBlogger reviews, I am seeing an awful of lot of shoes with relatively thick midsoles that you all are still calling “minimalist shoes” and a very far stretch from being barefoot or being in Vibram FiveFinger shoes.  In other words, are the shoe manufacturers using the “minimalist” or “barefoot-like” buzzwords to sell shoes to all of you with no regard to minimum You must be registered to view this link midsole thickness, midsole durometer or shoe weight?I don’t think one can, or even one should try to scientifically define a “Minimialist shoe” as it’s really just a loose term that is that something that has bubbled up from the grass roots and latched onto both marketers and those simply seeking less shoe as way of conveying a series of qualities with a simple moniker.If you want to be scientific you have to not try and use a single label, rather one would study the seperate parameters that one might minimize in different shoes.  For instance one You must be registered to view this link could study the effect of heel drop on gait, this would be directly measurable in each shoe.  One could also study the effect of toe box width w.r.t foot width and the toe splay on landing.  One could study the amount of arch support.  And so on.  Perhaps the labelling systems used on You must be registered to view this link foods these days might help – rather than formally labels the % fat, % carbs, % protien, number of callories per 100g etc, you’d provide information on weight, amount of arch support, flexibility, heel drop, relative size of toe box, sole type etc.

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