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Organizing The Days For The Program
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Post Organizing The Days For The Program 
In youth football coaching, to have a good program, you should know how to divide and organize the days for the program. This is something that we focus on specifically at our youth football coaching site. Getting the days organized for the youth football coaching program is one factor that should be given of great importance. In this article, you will be able to see how we, in our youth football coaching program, divide the days and organize them efficiently.The first 3 days of our youth football coaching program is dedicated on learning every step we're going to take for the rest of the year. We go right from the beginning and into the drills. You must be registered to view this link Among the kids that we have in our team, we determine who's the best player, who's the running back, who's the quarterback; basically who's going to be the in the field. We let the kids decide on where they would like to position in the field and go anywhere they want. We let any kid do what they want to do based on what they think they can do. Then our coaches evaluate them if they are really fit for their positions. They also learn the basic fundamentals, from starting, stopping, and positioning themselves in the field.In the 4th and 5th day, we give the kids their pads. In these days of our youth football coaching program we start to see who really wants to play football. We do drills that are designed for aggressiveness, technique and tackle. Everybody participates in these drills. The 6th day is what I consider as the most physical day before the season. In here, we find out who is and there in the game. We determine who is capable of doing the techniques provided in the last 5 days. By this time, we determine the positions or the capabilities of that kind of position. (Now it should be noted that what is being taught in the first 6 days are straight warm ups, nothing fancy and nothing outrageous.)Then after the 5th and 6th days we pretty much know where we are going. Our kids are on the right track and they know what we're doing. By this time in our youth football coaching program we have a general direction about 3 weeks out, as we have already completed a whole week. We're expecting to see individual people at position at all times. We also give the kids options. We give them options that they're running backs, linemen, tight end, etc. And in addition to this, one of the biggest things that I find very You must be registered to view this link important when you start the season is to put yourself in a position to scrimmage some of You must be registered to view this link the better teams. In our case, we have high schools that run jamborees and it's 12,14,16,18 teams get together at a high school and they run 3 sets of 20 players each (10 players in the offense and 10 players in the defense) and you pretty much know by the end of that where you stand.Now, the last week is basically a up in our youth football coaching program. You come into this game very prepared by the help of the previous 4 weeks in training and practice. You understand the team that you are playing. You are going to go forward; and move forward as this week goes on. And as the season goes on all the stuff that we've learned from You must be registered to view this link day 1 until day 5 are to be continued and elevated everyday. We expect a little bit more every time. And before the first season you should be ready to go on to that field with complete football technique.So these are the helpful ways on how to divide and organize your days in your youth football coaching program. Organizing and dividing the days in this manner will really help you in achieving your goals for your team.

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