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Check Out The New Salomon 2018 Collection
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Salomon points out that some changes were made to the heel collar and ankle notches of this fourth rendition, making them slightly lower profile but with improved padding. To be honest, I didnít notice significant differences here compared to past versions Iíve owned. What I can say is that the ankle notches do not contact my lateral or medial malleoli at all in an uncomfortable manner. Iím thankful for this as itís not true in all types of shoes. My Achilles is quite happy running up and down various types of inclines and declines in the You must be registered to view this link, which means the Achilles notch in the firm heel cup is also still thoughtfully well-designed. All in all, the changes here are subtle in my experience and certainly havenít taken away at all from the Speedcross line.
The outsole of the You must be registered to view this link is upgraded to a more dense and durable version of the Premium Wet Traction Contagrip. The chevrons have the same appearance but are slightly smaller and placed with a higher density on the outsole. Gone are the half-chevrons that were around the outline of the sole, which should definitely lead to fewer ripped off outer lugs, an occasional complaint. Iím noticing very little wear on my outsole of the tester shoes after 125 miles, but more impressively, Iíd been wearing a pair Iíd bought several months prior in my regular shoe rotation, and again, the outsole has very little wear at 250-plus miles. It seems as if the increased density of the chevrons also is making the wear pattern more even so the shoe sits just as flat as ever against the ground. Iím excited to see how these hold up as summer Rocky Mountain running rolls around again.
The You must be registered to view this link remains one of my favorite shoes for mountain running in most types of environments. For my feet, the Speedcross line is tested and proven over thousands of technical miles, and what shortcomings the shoe has, I know and understand and am able to work around. If you can tolerate the soccer-boot style of fit for the distances youíre doing on mountainous and technical terrain and donít mind the higher profile, the Salomon Speedcross 4 is definitely worth a trial. Enjoy the agile responsiveness as you adventure through your favorite technical terrain!
If youíre a skier, or at least have caught some winter Olympics action, you know You must be registered to view this link as the French manufacturer of skis, snowboards, and bindings. If youíre an outdoorsy type, youíre probably also familiar with the brandís technical mountaineering and running shoes. So how did their sneakers (the XA-Pro 3D GTX, to be exact) end up in a Palace lookbook? The short answer is that one of the Palaceís designers wears them, and the skate crew appreciates an inside joke. But it was also yet another indication that if any sneaker brand is on the cusp of super-trenddom, itís Salomon. Forget the Balenciaga Triple Sóbefore the snow melts, you might be cinching up your own pair of triple-black Salomon trail runners.
That might sound outlandish, but itís true. Fashionís most insider-y insidersóstylists, buyers, and photographersóhave been wearing one of Salomonís most popular models, the Speedcross, for years (as has one Ralph Lauren). And the Palace look was just the latest in a streak of You must be registered to view this link. Boris Bidjan Saberi, the Spanish prince of dark fashion, just dropped his brandís third Salomon collab. Takahiro Miyashitaís The Soloist debuted a custom Salomon boot at the labelís wild Pitti Uomo show held with Undercover (which is designed by Salomon-wearer Jun Takahashi). Emerging Swedish line CMMN SWDN trotted out Salomons on the runway in Paris shortly thereafter. And a leaked pair of purported future Balenciaga sneakersótheir next convention-shattering smash hit?ólooks eerily Salomon-like.

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